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Brok, Porter (Poland)
Taking no prisoners at 9% alcohol by volume, this mahogany-coloured beer pours with a thick, tan-coloured head. The aromas are immediately attractive, with chocolate and malt, and burnt toast notes, and a spicy plum pudding quality. On the palate there's a real rush of sweetness and all sorts of caramel and toffee notes in a sumptuous, full-bodied style. The intense sweetness persists through to the finish of this beer, but there are enough charry, toasty flavours and nicely bitter hop notes to maintain interest. It finishes with a nice touch of sourness to counteract the treacle and toffee character. Lovely stuff. 9.0% ABV, 50cl, ?1.85, Pierhead.
Brok, Sambor (Poland)
This Pilsner beer from Brok is pretty strong at 6.0% ABV, and pours a medium- to deep golden bronze colour, with a fluffy white head that dissipates quite quickly. It has a zesty, citrus nose, a touch of leafiness and a solid biscuity malt background. On the palate there is a sweetness to this beer, and the mid-palate becomes just a little watery. Some bitter hop quality does start to chip away in the finish, and though this beer lacks an edge or any really striking character, it is tasty and satisfying in its own way. 6.0% ABV, 50cl, ?1.55, Beersofeurope, Pierhead.
Brok, Strong (Poland)
Brewed by Royal Unibrew Polska, this 7% ABV lager has been brewed in the Koszalin brewery for more than 120 years. It pours a orangy gold, with a thick white head. There's a leafy, herbal note on the nose at first, with some nettle and grass, before a malty character emerges and a bit of orange fruit. On the palate it is very full and thick, with a big leading edge of sweetness being the first impression, pillowing across the mouth. A more crisp, citrussy note begins to come through, though so do does some toffeeish malt, and a beer that has a bit of tension and layered complexity, yet at the same time finishes fairly sweet and simple. A pretty good and interesting lager style. 7.0% ABV, 50cl, ?1.75, Beersofeurope, Pierhead.
Lech, Premium (Poland)
Part of Kompania Piwowarska, owned by SAB-Miller, This lager pours a medium gold with a decent white head. The nose is clean and crisp, with a little malty richness, but more dominant citrus and leafy, herbal notes. It is quite fruity too, with a touch of orange in the aroma. On the palate it is quite full and textured, with a nice graininess to it, plenty of oily, hoppy, leafy flavours and a crisp, tangy finish. A refreshing beer that is rather more appealing than some ?Eurolagers?. 5.2% ABV, 33cl, ?1.25, Beersofeurope, Pierhead.
Tyskie, Gronie (Poland)
Brewing since the 17th century, this is Tyskie?s best-known beer, brewed from Gronie spring water. Now part of the SAB-Miller group, the beer pours a light golden colour with a thick white head of good retention. This beer is dominated by hops on the nose, with a nice leafiness and nettle-bed quality. There is a some orange and biscuit malt, but it is a fresh, clean style. On the palate there is a sense of fullness and richness to this. There?s a hint of sweetness that is mouth-filling and flattering, with good fruit through the mid-palate and then those fresh citrus and hoppy notes brightening the finish. A fine, well-made lager. 5.6% ABV, 33cl, ?1.25, Beersofeurope, Pierhead.
Zywiec, Beer (Poland)
Now owned by Heineken Brewery, Zywiec was founded in 1856. This lager beer is medium gold colour, and has a white head that disippates quite quickly. On the nose there is a real tang of citrus, softened by a yeasty note and good hoppy aromas that are very fresh. On the palate it is a beer with really good body and a creaminess of texture, but the flavours are sharp and focused, with lots of bitter hop oiliness and just a background warmth of toasty malt. Quite a generous, full style of strong lager, but crisp too. Very enjoyable. 5.8% ABV, 33cl, ?1.39, Booth's, Peckhams, Surf4beer.
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