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Big City Brewing, Jamaica Sout (Jamaica)
(RP) Jet black beer with a dense, barley-coloured head. A deep and intense aroma of milk chocolate and charred malt is followed by a palate in which the sweet chocolate note is balanced by roasted malt and peppery hops. The finish develops a vinous fruitiness with a gentle underpinning of spicy hops and charred malt. Despite the colour and strength, it is wonderfully refreshing. 8.0% ABV, 33cl, ?1.35, Beersofeurope, Pierhead, Surf4beer.
Big City Brewing, Real Rock Premium Lager (Jamaica)
This beer pours a light, slightly hazy gold, with a moderate white head. The nose is all sweet corn and slightly grassy notes, with a rather dull character. On the palate there is just a suggestion of sweetness to this, with malty flavours, more of that slightly vegetal, creamed corn character, and a little saving bite of hops in the finish. Certainly not distinguished, but not bad either. 5.0% ABV, 35.5cl, ?1.25, Pierhead.
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